In the Keeper’s Shadow Now in Development!

We’re officially announcing development of Lonely Egg Studio’s first game! In partnership with Serenity Forge we present In the Keeper’s Shadow (ITKS)!

In the Keeper’s Shadow is an illustrated adventure game of a girl’s journey to find herself. An immersive narrative built on the visionary world of Jessica Fong based on her family’s struggle to understand and confront past child abuse.

Our studio is excited to work with Serenity Forge because we believe in their team and their studio goal which “aims to create meaningful, value-driven interactive experiences that challenge the way you think. They pride themselves in the care and dedication they put into their work, whether that be their own IPs or those of their collaborators (source).” ITKS and its history hold a special place in Lonely Egg’s family and community, and we trust Serenity Forge and Lonely Egg collaborators to convey this deeply personal experience.

Many of you have joined our development journey from the recent Sacanime and CTNX conventions. Thank you for joining us! Several of our dev team members just got back from exhibiting and attending CTNX in Burbank. We showcased artwork from ITKS, discussed game development, and connected with new and old friends. The event was filled to the brim with passionate creatives telling their own stories and students absorbing information and discussing their paths in art. To those who shared their struggles or are finding your way: remember, you’re never alone~

(Left to right: Writer Sophie Rudell, Founder Jessica Fong, Founder Mark Biundo, Voice Actress Piper Faye)

We are planning our next event appearance soon, so stay tuned~

The studio is excited to bring you more updates as development continues~ Keep an eye out for our team members’ posts across social media about their involvement in the game and feel free to say hello and chat with them in our studio discord!

Shout out to friend and artist Marie Rodriguez (PixelPlague) for the ITKS logo art!

In the Keeper’s Shadow Game Page

Serenity Forge

For press and media inquiries, reach us at [email protected]

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