Lonely Egg Studio LLC Public Statement

We are issuing this public statement to inform our fans that neither Jessica Fong nor her story, “Keeper and the Girl”, are associated with Jumpbutton Studio, LLC, or with Jumpbutton’s project “Keeper and the Soldier”, any longer. After much thought and 2 years of effort, we simply do not believe that the prior collaboration with Jumpbutton will serve our mission to bring “Keeper and the Girl” to the public in the best possible way and have thus made the difficult decision to separate ourselves and Jessica’s story from that relationship going forward.

Developed through more than 10 years worth of writing and artwork, Jessica’s “Keeper and the Girl” story and game world are based on her life experiences.  This passion project is intensely personal and vitally important to Jessica, her family, and their close friends. Together with her partner Mark Biundo, Jessica has formed a new company, Lonely Egg Studio LLC, to pursue new partnerships to bring the world of the “Keeper and the Girl” to life as a video game under a new title.

Jessica’s creative expression through the world of the “Keeper and the Girl” and its stories have been and continue to be paramount in her and her family’s recovery from their experiences with child abuse and its repercussions.  Driving her to further herself in art/visual development since elementary school, the “Keeper and the Girl” project has shaped the person she is today.  This game is a letter to her sister, her father, and anyone who has suffered similar abuse at the hands of a loved one.  A testament to what they went through, both alone and together, during their darkest hours and times of greatest need. Lonely Egg will transform Jessica and her family’s experiences into something positive.


Jessica’s sister, Juliana Fong, adds: “Jessica and I are both artists in different medias, we find one of the best forms of our talents is expression from raw emotion. It’s therapeutic and even necessary to express the emotions our upbringing tells us to shut down. Jessica has done significant soul searching and therapy herself, to not let her past bring her down but to rather pull herself into new opportunities and further her talents. Together, and with the support of our loved ones, we are able to have the confidence to share these expressions with the world.”


Lonely Egg aims to foster and develop meaningful games that are artistic and deeply personal; to inspire, connect with, and impact our players. We invest in people; devoted developers that wish to nurture personal growth in each other through strong collaboration, discipline, and experimentation.


We have been partners since 2009. Since battling together to overcome our past and Jessica’s history, we strive to be a better example for others and have founded a studio together to create something meaningful from that darker chapter of our lives.


Lonely Egg is excited to soon share more about our new game as it develops, so look out! We want nothing more than to diligently bring Jessica’s family and friends the much-needed cathartic release and quality interactive experience they need from this project. Thank you to friends, family, workmates, teachers, Cal Poly and UCSC classmates and faculty, artist alley colleagues, and everyone else who has and continues to support and help us as we take this next step.

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