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In the Keeper’s Shadow is an intimate hand-painted adventure game.
a young inquisitive girl named Emi journeys to unearth secrets amidst the crumbling, war-torn city she’s called home.

Press Kit

She wanders the depths seeking to be noticed and heard


Through a mix of point and click, direct control, and puzzles, players will help Emi understand and confront an ever-encroaching twisted psychological and physical landscape.

The game features audio logs, artifacts, atmospheric sound, and complex characters that invite players to connect with echoes of the past and ponder themes of love, despair, compassion, inner strife, and closure.  

Will she put the pieces together before it’s too late?

  • Single player experience using elements of classic point & click, adventure, and puzzle games
  • COLLECT CLUES to understand Emi’s world and its history
  • fully voiced characters
  • Engage with Unique cinematic environments for a hand-crafted, story-book feel
  • hand-painted aesthetic depicting dystopian surrealism
  • Atmospheric music and sound design
  • History

    In the Keeper’s Shadow is a fantastical retelling of co-founder Jessica Fong’s visionary world and her portfolio of over 10 years of work expressing her family’s struggle to confront their history with child abuse. 

    The founders wish to create something meaningful from this darker chapter of her life and have the confidence to share these creative mindscapes with others. The game is a needed cathartic release for those closest to the work and who want greater awareness of the signs and consequences of child abuse. 

    to what we go through alone and together when facing the hardships of our past


    The Team

    Jessica Fong

    Project/Creative Lead

    Mark Biundo

    Studio Manager

    Sophie Rudell

    Lead Writer

    Sarah Spiers

    Junior Writer

    Chelsea Harper


    Sal V Cloak


    Andrew Miller

    Game/Level Designer

    Josh Samuels




    Chris Maude


    Tiffany Mcfarlane

    Lead Animator

    Piper Faye

    Voice Actress

    Elspeth Eastman

    Voice Actress

    In Loving Memory

    Dan Howard (1979-2019) – Artist

    Past collaborators

    Catherine Litvaitis


    Andrea Ayres


    In Partnership with


    Our studio is a strong advocate for children’s charities, organizations, education, and welfare.
    We support charity streams, and volunteer at local and international opportunities. If you would like to chat or reach out to us about an opportunity please visit our contact page.

    If you or someone you know is in crisis, here is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number: 

    If you need to report suspected child abuse or neglect, here is the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline: