Lonely Egg Studio



Lonely Egg was founded in 2017 and is self-funded with support from family and friends. We believe innovation and progress stem from independence and freedom of expression.

We’re passionate about indie developers going above and beyond to make new experiences and give back. The studio pursues participating in non profit events and programs relating to children’s health and education. We’re passionate about the products we make and the future of the developers that shape our industry.

We primarily develop for PC/Mac


The founders, Jessica and Mark, have been partners since 2009. Their first game In the Keeper’s Shadow is built on the visionary world of Jessica’s work over the past 10 years and portrays her family’s struggle to confront its history with child abuse. Since battling and overcoming their struggles, they create something meaningful from that darker chapter of their lives.

Jessica Fong





Jessica is a Bay Area born illustrator and social advocate. She’s a lover of everything creative and crazy. Lonely Egg’s first game is based on her life and work. She enjoys telling narratives and is a strong support of imaginative realism, attempting to portray what can’t be seen or felt.

Jessica graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2014 with a concentration in Studio Art, which allowed her to forge a digital art career alongside her traditional art education. On the side, she preps, markets, and sells at California conventions like Fanime and Sacanime. An avid supporter of children’s charities, Jessica fundraises for organizations like the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center and Extra Life. She welcomes raising awareness and openly discussing the landscape of children’s welfare, education, and narratives.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys sketching, napping with her pupper, eating good food, relaxing with a movie,  attending online art hangouts and connecting peers with resources.

Mark Biundo



Mark is a programmer and game designer from Newton, MA who grew up and resides in the Bay Area.  A lover of video games from an early age, he decided long ago that he needed to create his own. A 2016 graduate of UCSC’s game design program, he developed a narrative driven surveillance game called Project Perfect Citizen, which won the grand prize at the program’s annual Sammy Awards.

A strong believer in sharing experiences and having transparency to improve the game development community and support inclusivity, Mark supports STEM education and charity involvement. In 2018 Mark was a GDC Conference Associate, a 2017 IGDA volunteer at GDC, and a 2016 panelist at “Games as Protest” at IndieCade, where he spoke about his work on Project Perfect Citizen.

He currently enjoys helping Jessica at conventions and spending time with their chiweenie, Stella. He welcomes anyone to reach out to discuss game design or development.